BAJA-NY enables India based companies expand their products and services into the US market.


United States is the world leader in providing the entertainment and sports industry a very robust and balanced environment. The industry processes benefits all parties involved, from spectators/audiences and players to the event and project undertakers, broadcaster et all.  This is an industry which provides plenty of opportunities for success on all levels.

India is an evolving market and a very potential emerging giant in multiple fields. Its entertainment industry, labeled as Bollywood, is one of the largest producers of movies in the world. The quality of
entertainment has evolved to a higher level in the last 5-6 years, thanks to globalization. We at BAJA-NY believe, Bollywood is on the brink of going international in terms of the marketing its product and also its pre and post production services. We are aiming to be a major player in this space.


Our expertise and services encompass tapping into evolving trends and products in the area of sports and entertainment. We aim to provide import/export capabilities to multiple corporations in this space to tap into a new market. We help in providing an expert team for corporations to enter, establish and sustain their products and services in emerging markets. 

Because Baja NY has a well connected network of corporations, partners and individuals in the American and Indian Entertainment and sports industry, we are able to present a well balanced solution that delivers and is extremely cost effective to our customers and partners.  

​As part of this setup, we are able to leverage the best possible procedures and results for our clients. Our solutions offer a comprehensive and competitive package that satisfies and exceeds the requirements and expectations of attaining a global presence. We balance our extensive knowledge of the East and West culture and business approach to present a unique approach to the global ambitions and goals of our clients.

US Products & services into India include:

  • ​TV program syndication

  • ​​M&A deals with production houses

  • Event management

  • ​Artist management​

  • Film productions services

  • Distribution & marketing

​India Products & services into US include: 

  • TV program syndication into North / South America 

  • M&A deals with production houses

  • Indian Premier League related projects in NA market

  • ​​Event management

  • ​Artist management

  • ​Film productions services

  • Distribution & marketing of Bollywood

We have established the infrastructure and have identified part of the team that would comprise the India aspect and approach. The emerging Indian entertainment and sports market is expanding at a rapid pace

BAJA-NY has compiled the senior level team and will be seeking to build further on the structure. We have also  developed a well connected, lasting and trusted relationship with a list of prospective customers/partners. Our new approach and plan is to build on these relationship and take them to a higher
level, by providing and catering to services in the US and new markets for them
into  India

Our USP: 

  • Experienced and qualified team

  • ​Business concept is ahead of the curve

  • ​Aggressive use of established business models  & technology

  • ​Strong Presence in US and India market

  • ​​Team building capability.

  • ​Immense knowledge of  industry, both the US and India markets.